Welcome to Liquor Bay

Our aim is to predominantly source our products from our small and medium sized partner producers with whom we've developed close relationships over 15 years.

The philosophy underpinning the Liquor Bay, in particular, the “Clandestine” and “Clearance” products sold on this site, is that any profit generated shall be evenly shared with the producers. 

All too often, small and medium producers may be forced by circumstance to sell their product at greatly reduced cost, or even below cost to opportunistic online retailers that end up making the profit, (and sometimes even devaluing product quality perception along the way). 

At Liquor Bay we believe "everyone has the right to make a living". The concept is an attempt to offer the general public and small business quality that over delivers on price, while affording the producers a profitable option to move branded and “Clandestine” labels.

A "Win - Win!" for everyone.

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