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Maschio dei Cavalieri

Maschio Treviso Prosecco Extra Dry DOCG

ABV 11%

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Outstanding Italian Prosecco's adhering to Italy's highest and strictest wine certification, guaranteeing exceptional quality. The roots of Maschio dei Cavalieri's passion for wine are as old as the vines on the Veneto's hills, to the North of Venice.

When the wine is opened, they show a fresh, light and lively style, typical of Prosecco. These features are strongly aligned to the type of drinking that is associated with Prosecco: conviviality, the aperitif and the cocktail known as the 'spritz'. Ideal with fish, fresh fruit and pastries. 

Fresh, light and lively, these wines are fantastic as an aperitif, and the perfect pair with a charcuterie board or seafood!